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Parent Comments

“I would like to thank Lisa Lewis from Aha-Learning for all her hard work last year. She made a tremendous difference in my daughters’ eagerness to learn. Lisa creates a positive learning experience by injecting fun lessons that supports my daughters learning style. 


Ms. Lewis also was able to develop a special connection with her which has had a huge effect on her attitude towards learning.
Thank you,

— Minnie White - Washington DC


“We would highly recommend Lisa Lewis as a tutor and life skills coach. Our daughter Millie was in need of support as she began her studies in community college.  She needed help with both learning the material in her academic classes as well as help with executive functioning to create an organized approach to her academic activity.   


Ms. Lewis from Aha-Learning was able to help Millie improve her organizational skills by showing her how to schedule her time to meet critical deadlines.  Ms. Lewis also helped Millie understand the material in a variety of courses including Math, English and Early Childhood Development.


Ms. Lewis is obviously highly qualified but is also an excellent teacher.  The two do not always go hand in hand.  Millie felt both supported and motivated by Ms. Lewis who uses a constructive guidance approach that both explains and encourages.  Millie has gained confidence in the subjects she has been studying, but also in navigating the many challenges of college life.  


Millie has enjoyed a strong start to her college life.  We attribute a large part of that success to the support she has received from Ms. Lewis.”  

 — Mr & Mrs John & Regina McCutcheon


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