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Our number one goal right from the start with every student is to get them excited and motivated to want to learn during the online sessions. Our tutoring methodology and session timeline that we train all of our tutors in, is as follows: (This timeline is based on 90 minutes of tutor instruction).

NOTE: Student motivation and student “wanting to lean” is a big key to the success of our tutor training programs. As an option, we have access to several celebrity personalities that help us with “Student Motivation.” We work with these celebrity personalities to design “Educational Public Service Announcements” to help the student get energized about leaning. 

Aha-Learning’s Proven & Successful Pedagogical Methodology


Inductive and deductive instruction are two different methods of teaching used to impart knowledge. Both are used in teaching to derive new equations and for problem solving. Aha-Learning’s successful teaching methodology is based on the method of inductive reasoning that creates general principles by starting with many specific and observable everyday instances. The following chart outlines the differences between the traditional “Deductive” teaching methodology and Aha-Learning’s innovative “Inductive” tutoring teaching methodology.

Mothodology Chart.png

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