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Welcome to the Seattle Public Schools  Tutoring Program

The Seattle Public Schools has partnered with Aha-Learning to provide your student with "FREE" one-on-one or group tutoring enrichment services...

Who We Are

Aha-Learning’s tutoring solution will provide students with "FREE" tutoring services to all Seattle Public School students who sign up. These services will assist students on improving their “grade-level” scores in both reading and mathematics. We offer highly qualified tutors that teach academic skills, as well as serve as mentors and coaches, encouraging and guiding students throughout their educational endeavors.


Each student will progress at his or her own pace through individualized one-on-one or small-group “video-based” tutor instruction programs, carefully planned by their instructor and classroom teacher. It is commonly acknowledged that one of the most important components of student achievement and success is parent involvement. Parents and guardians are vital partners in their child’s education and life success.


Aha-Learning team is committed to the success of the student by engaging parents to become more involved with their student’s education. Through our partnership with Seattle Public School system, our Tutors will work with the parents and students to make sure their tutoring experience is successful. Our tutors also function as mentors to the students as well as to the parents.

Tutor Registration Form

Please fill out the Tutor Registration Form below to start the process...

Is the student registered for summer school?
Your Tutor Request is for what time of Day?
What type of Computer Technology does the student use for online learning?
What Subjects do you want the Tutor to focus on?

Thanks for submitting! One of our qualified Tutors will contact you soon.

Who Are We
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