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Reading & English


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Reading skills are required not only for descriptive subjects like English Literature, Comprehension, History, and Social Studies, but they are also vital for studying science, math, and other subjects.


Research shows that children who are introduced to reading at a young age tend to fare better in their studies and develop a fair understanding of various concepts and topics. If a child is unable to do basic reading by grade 3, they will have a tougher time keep up on grade-level with all their subject. While practicing math, many students develop a mental block towards word problems. It’s not that they lack math skills. In fact, most children lack basic reading skills. They are unable to comprehend the situation in the math problem.


Let’s give your child/student a leg-up by signing up for our English reading tutoring course and watch them develop the confidence and independence required to succeed in all walks of life. Our highly qualified and experienced English tutors help students improve their reading skills involving phonics, mental processing speed, auditory discrimination, working memory, and attention

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