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We offer highly qualified enrichment teacher, trainers, mentors and academic advisors that teach academic skills, as well as serve as mentors and coaches, encouraging and guiding students throughout their educational endeavors.

School Districts Enrollment

If you are associated with one of our approved School District's, please click on the button above to access the Student Registration Form.

An Assortment of Tutoring Subjects

Aha-Learning was created to help fill a void by providing “revolutionary,” affordable and accessible online training instruction for “K-12” students throughout the United States using our proprietary Inductive Teaching Methodology. With a focus on academic remediation training that would enable students to have a fighting chance as they enter into college or vocational training and pursue their careers. Service Subject Topics include:

Video-Based Online Tutoring Instruction

Our online tutoring instruction uses Video-Applications like (Zoom or Skype technologies) that doesn’t require any expensive hardware or software to be installed. If a student has access to the internet, he/she has access to a tutor.


Using a desktop or Mobile device “Webcam” a student can log onto a tutoring session with a qualified instructor in a very secure environment. Whether a student is receiving instruction in Math, Reading/Writing, or a foreign language, they will be able to see and hear each other in high quality HD format.

Tutoring Procedures and Methodologies

Our number one goal right from the start with every student is to get them excited and motivated to want to learn during the online sessions. Our tutoring methodology and session timeline that we train all of our tutors in, is as follows: (This timeline is based on 90 minutes of tutor instruction).


NOTE: Student motivation and student “wanting to lean” is a big key to the success of our tutor training programs. We sometimes use celebrity endorsement personalities to help us with “Student Motivation.” We work with these celebrity personalities to design “Educational Public Service Announcements” to help the student get energized about leaning. 

About our Tutoring Division

Aha-Learning provides a win-win successful program that supports (Public & Private) K-12 education institutions under this COVID-19 environment. We offer highly qualified tutors that teach academic skills, as well as serve as mentors and coaches, encouraging and guiding students throughout their educational endeavors.

In The News
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With the combination of virtual school, face-to-face school, a return to virtual school, little supervision over virtual school, an inability to follow normal curriculum, and stress, stress, stress, we worry our kids are falling behind academically.


Students' Ideas for a Better Pandemic Experience

As a health educator in the Office of Health Promotion, part of Katie Noble’s job is educating others about mental health, and advocating for resources for students to help them navigate their challenges..


7 Ways for Teachers to Truly Connect With Parents

No matter how districts respond to the COVID-19 pandemic—fully virtual, in person, or hybrid instruction—some families remain unsatisfied. 



We would highly recommend Lisa Lewis as a tutor and life skills coach. Our daughter Millie was in need of support as she began her studies in community college.  She needed help with both learning the material in her academic classes as well as help with executive functioning to create an organized approach to her academic activity.   



— John and Regina McCutcheon

     Gaithersburg MD

   I would like to thank Lisa Lewis from Aha-Learning for all her hard work last year. She made a tremendous difference in my daughters’ eagerness to learn.



— Minnie White - Washington DC

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